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Be in the Know.

With No Nasty Surprises.

Terminal Rental & Transactions in ONE.

Accept Payments tomorrow.

Simple straight forward pricing packages

Based on whichever turnover range you fall under each month.

Always know what your monthly Payment will be

Just 1 direct debit payment and value each month

All card types accepted with no additional charges.

Pay as you go with No long-term commitments


Monthly Set Prices

Time Now to Compare

Take a look on your current suppliers statement at how much you transacted on the back page
Then look at how much your total charge was?
Match the City Network Price Package based on your actual Turnover range.....


All inclusive monthly billing originated in Europe and for the first time, exclusively by City Network, this is now being rolled out here in the United Kingdom to give merchants a clear and transparent understanding of monthly pricing and running costs.

What are you waiting for

Thanks for submitting!

   Then see how much       you would have       
         saved with
              City Network.

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