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Switching Providers with ease

Why switch to City Networks?

Stuck in a contract & being overcharged for a service that’s below your expectations? Let our legal team help cancel your existing contracts or agreements. We call this our “Early Cancellation Service” – Includes assistance with exiting your existing merchant services & lease agreements without any fines or penalties, not to mention complete legal assistance if necessary for your piece of mind. Full contract review and cancellation action plan tailored to each business – making it a pain free process.


Enjoy lower rates & see your business grow. Let us give you a quote that will surprise you.


Receive a great personalised service as our team puts you and your business first.


We provide innovative products & services such as Tap-2-Pay and revolutionary hardware.


Been let down? Well, we do things differently. Whether you’ve been paying too much, been left without a working terminal or gateway or just fed up of confusing bills, we’re here to make taking card payments easier. It’s why combined with our partners, we’re the U.K’s (+Globally) the leading card payment processor.

Business Meeting

We’ll discuss all cancellations with your previous providers when you switch to us.

Better rates await

We currently help over 100,000 businesses Worldwide. And we can help you too.

We’ll match or beat your current rate, plus some people save up to 50%.


What are you waiting for?

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