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High % Return on Investment (ROI)

Secure Wealth Management

Aimed at the more affluent up and coming individuals and businesses, looking to start making their money work for them, through a secure wealth management hedge fund repaying much higher rates of compounded interest paid out monthly, as opposed to other banking, financial and investment products currently on the market.

Don't let inflation eat away at your banked income.

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16% Yearly Interest

Straight forward investment holding - Ideal if you may need to draw down on any of your funds.

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1.75% Paid Monthly

1.75% of your principle holding balance

Paid monthly - Straight to your Bank

12 month fixed term

Principle paid out / available on Month 12


2% Compounded Monthly

This is our greatest Return offering (ROI)

2% Paid monthly

Compounded Interest

Principle and interest paid out on month 12

Return on Investment (ROI)

Waiting Room

12 monthly payments of £175

+£10,000 Returned in month 12

12 monthly payments of £1750

+£100,000 Returned in month 12

12 monthly payments of £17500

+£1,000,000 Returned in month 12

Principle:  £10,000

Principle:  £100,000

Principle:   £1,000,000

16% Return

1.75% Monthly

2% Compounded

£116,000 Total return by month 12

£121,000 Total return by month 12

£126,824 Total return by month 12

£11,600 Total return by month 12

£12,100 Total return by month 12

£12,682 Total return by month 12

£1,160,000 Total return by month 12

£1,210,000 Total return by month 12

£1,268,241 Total return by month 12

How is this made possible?

City Networks Wealth Management is exclusively positioned to offer clients the opportunity to join this investment fund.

Funds left in any personal or business account is just not good business practice,

inflation is just literally eating away at your hard earned money.

This opportunity gives high net worth clients and businesses make their money work for them 24 hours a day.

(FULL DISCLOSURE): City Networks is a merchant services group of companies and we have a secure relationship with registered and regulated merchant cash advance organizations, known in the industry as MCA providers.

An MCA is offered to new and existing businesses to offer unsecured cash-flow and borrowings by way of a short-term cash advance which is paid back through our very own card terminals as a percentage of sales and turnover.

Funding is provided utilizing City Networks Wealth portfolio, which acts as security for 3rd party loan payouts and explains how we aggressively expand. (Please see the below image demonstrating how this cycle revolves)

Unsecured funds loaned out are insured to the value of 120% - So even if a business is unable to pay us back in full or collapses, we still have security provisions in place to protect our entire secured estate.

MCA Loans are extremely profitable and yields returns of over 200% over a yearly period.

We currently have an MCA book value of over £100 Million GBP under management, of which over £50 Million GBP is funded entirely by City Networks portfolio is acting as security. Due to the profit margins achievable, this gives us the ability to offer guarantees to the interest returns available through this product offering.

Client funds introduced through this offering will be added immediately to the holding value, giving us the ability to fund many more MCA agreements to exponentially grow our financial position into the future.

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Upon your instruction for us to manage your funds, you will receive a full VAT invoice with details on where to electronically send funds.

You will be able to instantaneously claim back the 20% VAT as additional ROI

Only VAT Registered companies can utilize this ADDITIONAL BENEFIT offering, but in effect this means you can see your total initial investment deposit

Increase in total value of up to 46.8%


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